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>David Excell

Acerca del Speaker

David Excell

Founder, Feature Space

I founded Featurespace – a behavioural analytics software company helping organisations fight financial crime and achieve regulatory compliance. Featurespace’s ARIC software platform, enables clients to make accurate real-time decisions about how they manage their customers. Featurespace’s behavioural technology learns the patterns associated with legitimate customer behaviour, enabling accurate detection of emerging business risks and threats.

I work with client’s commercial, operational and technical teams to understand their business needs and translating these needs into technical requirements (data, analytical modelling and software architecture) to deliver effective solutions.

My academic background is in technology, having completed an Engineering degree in Australia and studying towards a PhD at the University of Cambridge. Since founding Featurespace I’ve been involved in all aspects of the commercialisation of technology, including turning ideas into repeatable, deployable and scalable solutions, customer delivery, speaking at conferences, providing input to policy decisions and raising investment.

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Jueves 7 de Marzo 2019 @ Sheraton María Isabel Hotel & Towers